From fire to electricity: Thermoelectric materials

Energy can have many forms, heat, motion and electricity being the most familiar to us. An interesting observation is that most of the ways we have found to obtain useful energy from the environment involve the emission of heat as a by-product. What if we could turn that waste useful?

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The Official MyScience Summer Cloud Guide!

Summer. [CC0]

Hey! Look! A UFO! Laying on the grass and looking to the sky observing clouds makes imagination run wild. But what are all those clouds? How do they form? And will it rain before your barbecue? MyScience here to save your summer party.

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Green Tea Health Benefits Win TuKoKe Prize

TuKoKe is a competition aiming to inspire children and youth in science and engineering activities. By giving participants the chance to get feedback on their scientific work and meet other like-minded young people, it opens a world of endless opportunities. We had the chance to interview one of this year’s winners, Meija Xu, and ask about her research on health and green tea.

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